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This is our story, let us help tell yours.

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CeCe has been a staple in the entertainment industry since 2012 when she was a finalist on Simon Cowell's, X Factor USA. From there, she continued honing her craft in each creative facet.

From writing music, to graphic design, to designing costumes for herself and other artists, to producing, editing, and directing music videos, she became a creative powerhouse in every aspect.  Her skills mixed seamlessly with her partner, Chase Stockman, and together, they created Good Wolf Entertainment to help other artists like themselves. 


Chase started his journey in LA in 2010 as the lead singer of the charting pop band ChaseJordan. Directing and producing his bands music videos, Chase naturally fell in love with working behind the camera. From photography, to producing and writing music, to directing and editing videos, Chase's creative ability pairs perfectly with CeCe's- making them truly an unstoppable pack.     

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